Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playing with White Balance

Most cameras have the white balance option. You can select incandescent (incandescente) typically a desk lamp, flourescent (fluorescente), direct sunlight (luz del sol), flash, cloudy (nublado) and shade (sombra). Each source of light has a different temperature and the camera adjusts accordingly depending on your selection. If you leave the camera on automatic and there are two sources of light (e.g. a desk lamp and a window with direct sunlight) the camera will adjust to the dominant source of light. Typically depends on which source you´re facing.

If you have direct sunlight and a desk lamp and the camera adjusts to the desk lamp your picture will be blue. If the camera adjusts to the sunlight then the desk lamp and perhaps the whole frame will have an orange tint. I had some fun playing only with the white balance option. The below pictures are from Parque Juan Carlos I.
White Balance: Incandescent

White Balance: Direct Sunlight

I´ll try and post some more pictures later today.

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