Thursday, July 2, 2009

XXII Concurso de Fotografía EFTI

This past month my school had a photography contest.  The prize ... a full scholarship for the Master program.  A value of over 7,500 euros.  Not to mention it's one of the best programs in Europe.

At this point my photoshop knowledge is limited and I believe I need to develop my idea further.

All that said ... I'm pretty proud and extremely excited that I made the list of finalists.  YAY.

I've always loved panoramic shots.  I've played with the idea before, as early as 2002/2003 when I worked at Hollywood Video in Boston.  It was a bit tougher back then as I was working with a film versus digital camera.  (

I wanted to take it a step further by incorporating a subject.  I wanted the images to be playful but I found that by using myself as the subject the poses seem more staged then playful.  I'll continue to develop the idea and scout new locations.  

You can see the contest winner and all the finalists at the below link.  The school only posted one picture, I imagine their personal favorite.  Although the one seleted from my series was not my personal favorite ... go figure!

Here are the rest of the images from my series:

Note:  The focal distance on the shots vary, this is something I also need to work on.  The one in the garage is shot with a wide angle lens, a mistake with panoramic shots because the lines don't align correctly.  A good starting point is a focal distance of about 35.  

Stay tuned for more ... = )


  1. I love this series. It's so fun with you in all these different places at once. -- Carl Peel -- Hi Ivett!