Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Filters [Filtros]

I've been exploring and trying new things lately - both in photography and life - here I'll stick to photography. Most recently I discovered the work of Dave Hill, my favorite is his series titled 'Girl on an Adventure.'

[He estado explorando e intentando cosas nuevas - en fotografia y en la vida - pero aqui hablare de fotografia. Recientemente descubri el trabajo de Dave Hill, mi favorita es su serie titulada 'Chica en una Aventura.']

Looking at his work I was motivated to look into all the filters available for use with photoshop. Photoshop has some great ones, I'm a big fan of the gaussian blur, but there are companies out there specifically dedicated to creating filters ... and they're amazing.

[Ver su trabajo me motivo informarme sobre los filtros disponibles para uso con photoshop. Photoshop viene con unos estupendos, soy una gran fan del desenfoque gaussian, pero existen compañias dedicadas especificamente a crear filtros ... y son impressionante.]

My current explorations took me to two websites, Lucisart and Imagenomic. Go on, explore, see what results you can get. When using filters remember that a filter is not created in a new layer, so it's best to duplicate your layer and then apply the filter --- just in case you change your mind.

[Mi reciente exploracion me llevo a dos sitios, Lucisart y Imagenomic. Hechales un vistazo, mira los resultados que te puede dar. Cuando uses filters recuerda que un filtro no se aplica en una nueva capa, asi que es mejor duplicar tu caa y despues aplicar el filtro --- por si cambias de opinion.]

Below is a picture from May of this year. It was the first time I went out and shot in RAW. Back then I didn't like all the reflections, now this is what I love most. In this image I used the portraiture filter from Imagenomic.

[La foto abajo es de Mayo de este año. Fue la primera vez que hice tomas en RAW. Entonces no me gustaban todos los reflejos, ahora es lo que mas me encanta. En esta imagen use el filtro portraiture de Imagenomic.]

© 2009 Ivett Chicas

Parque El Retiro, Madrid, España (Jardines de Cecilio Rodriguez)

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  1. I like this shot a lot! Isn't it funny how our tastes change over time, even with photos? Keep honing your craft, Ivett!

    I'm sure you will be able to produce even more gorgeous and inspired photos!! :D